Costs participation

Entry fees (see list of entry fees – depend on date of entry)

Competitors entry fee (individuals with a club)

Individual competitors entry fee (not attached to a club)

Coach attached to an individual competitor (not attached to a club)

Team entry fee (per team per category) (either sparring, tul, specials or power)

The competitor’s entry fees can be transferred electronically and must be cleared by 6th September 2017 to the bank account of the organizing committee.

Entry Fees

School / Club / National

Inscription fee participants school/club/national team (normal procedure)

                                               Before 1st August 2017    After 1st August 2017                              

Participant                                         80.- euro p.p.                   90.- euro p.p.

Coach (more then 5)                          0.- euro p.p.                     15.- euro p.p.

The host will permit a maximum of 8 coaches per organisation with the first five coaches incurring no fee, the fee for any additional coach will be 25 euros per person up to the maximum of eight coaches.

No referee (each)                            100.- euro                            125.- euro

Any organisation that does not provide a referee will be charged a penalty.


Inscription fee for participants “individuals” who are not part of an entered (only according to the rules of the Open Worlds 2017)

                                                 Before 1st August 2017   After 1st August 2017                              

Participant                                      80.- euro p.p.                   90.- euro p.p.

Coach                                                 0.- euro p.p.                     15.- euro p.p.

(may not more coach then 2 competitors – 3 entering with the same coach is considered a club registration)

No referee (each)                             0.- euro                               0.- euro

Team events

Inscription fee teams

                                               Before 1st August 2017    After 1st August 2017

Black Belts                                       75.- euro per team            85.- euro per team

(participation in 4 teamevents are possible)

Black Belts Pre-Arranged              15.- euro per team            25.- euro per team

(participation in 1 teamevent is possible)

Color Belts                                        40.- euro per team            50.- euro per team

(participation a single teamevent is possible)

No referee (each)                             100.- euro                              125.- euro

Note: Registration AND payments of accommodation and registration has to be full filled at the latest 1st August 2017 at 00.00 hours CET to obtain the discount!