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Who comes first will be served first.


2017 Open Taekwon-Do World Championships

Competitors, Umpires, Coaches, VIPS, Supporters and/or Others

Booking of accommodation should be made through the Accommodation Committee by the person in charge of each country, club or individual. The official Accommodation form must be provided by the Team Manager and send to vanschaikharry@gmail.com. No other forms are accepted.

We offer two different levels of accommodation during the championships.

You can choose between LODGINGS (bed) and LODGIINGS WITH BREAKFAST (bed & breakfast), at each level there are rooms for 1 up to 3 persons. Dinner can be arranged at the hotel but participants are also free to use the facillities of the restaurants in Barneveld (whoich are very close by).

The price also includes free training facilities on Tuesday and Wednesday, medical assistance during the competition and free admission to the 2017 Open Worlds party.

Below are the prices for the different types of accommodation for competitors, umpires, coaches, VIPs and supporters. The prices are per night.

**** star hotels in an area of 10 kilometers of Barneveld

Type of room                             LODGINGS              LODGINGS & BREAKFAST

Single Room                                     84.- €                         99.- €

Double/twin room                          84.- €                       99.- €

Triple room                                                                               129.-€

Prices do not include €1.50 of local taxes per person per day, and unexpected raises.

Dinner can be arranged at the hotel but participants are also free to use the facillities of the restaurants in Barneveld (very closeby). The use of any facilities other than provided by us is at your own expenses.

Transportation to the competition hall can be arranged through the reception of the hotel (bus or taxi). There will also be a member of the Service Committee available for assistance.

Please note that the number of different types of rooms is limited! We will handle applications in the order they are received (first come first served). This means that those who send their applications first will have priority.

If you wish to stay for a holiday after the competition, it is possible to book extra nights please contact the organizer at vanschaikharry@gmail.com


Step 1          Fill out and send the form “Hotel Booking Application Form” on or before the 1st of June 2017. After this date we cannot guarantee places in the hotel or the aforementioned prices.

Send the form via email to: vanschaikharry@gmail.com

The organizers will check your booking and send you an invoice for payment of 100% of the total amount for each person listed on the form.

Please note that the booking will not be confirmed until the requested amount has been registered in the organizer’s account. Please remember to pay the transfer costs from your side, if the Organizing Committee has to pay for the transfer costs then you will need to pay this back on arrival.

Step 2          After the amount has been confirmed, your booking will be officially accepted. The representative from each delegation will then be formally notified of the booking confirmation.

Step 3          The accommodation balance must be paid on or before the 8th of June 2017 at 00.00 hours. It is possible to pay the whole accommodation amount in advance if you wish to do so.

Note!           All hotel payments must be transferred electronically to the organizer’s account by the due dates. No cash payments will be accepted.

Step 4          It may be possible to make small changes to the hotel accommodation reservation until the 5th of September 2017. After this date it is not possible to change the reservations and the accommodation form will be used as the baseline for calculating the accommodation costs for each country’s delegation.

INFO           W: www.itfopenworlds.com

E: vanschaikharry@gmail.com

T: 0031647332320