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Dear Master/Instructor,

ITF HQ KOREA would like to invite you and your students to participate in our forthcoming Open World Championship and World cup in Barneveld, the Netherlands from the 28th Sept to the 1st October 2017. This event will attract competitors from throughout the world who practice Taekwon-Do and perform the Chan Hon patterns (Tul or Hyung) as established by General Choi Hong Hi, the founder of this style of Taekwon-Do. The event will include individual and team Patterns (both modern ITF style Tuls and Traditional Taekwon-do Hyung run as separate divisions), Sparring, Special flying techniques, Power breaking and Pre-arranged free sparring

A copy of the rules for this event are available on request from Master Steven Weston via e-mail at steve@southernitf.com and will shortly be on the ITF HQ Korea website at www.itfofficial.org . These new rules have been designed to minimise subjectivity in judging and provide competitors and coaches the opportunity to achieve success by using both skill and strategy in their events. To implement these rules we are searching for Masters/Instructors who would be prepared to act as Umpire/Judges at the event in order to ensure we have a fair and unbiased representation of the contingent of participants at the Championships.


To ensure the judges are well versed in how to score using these rules the ITF HQ KOREA umpire committee will be conducting a series of workshops throughout the world to train potential candidates. The workshops will include a thorough explanation of the rules and practical training in their use for competition. It is anticipated that the training will be conducted over one day as a series of workshops including an accreditation tool (test) at the end of each workshop. The cost of each workshop will be approximately €25-30 plus the cost of accreditation of €5 should the candidate select this option. Note all potential judges must hold this accreditation should they wish to participate as a judge at the Open World Champs and Cup event.

The first workshops for all disciplines have been organised in Barneveld for Saturday the 10th and Sunday the 11th June and will cover Patterns (ITF style and Traditional), Free sparring, Special techniques, Power breaking and Pre-arranged free sparring. Each workshop will be offered individually or as part of a package should the participant wish to gain skills in each area.

We will also try to facilitate a training course for Umpire/Referees immediately prior to the Event in Barneveld in late September 2017, although this would more likely be a quick refresher course for qualified Umpire/Referees to clarify how the event will be run.

Please feel free to complete the registration form attached to this letter or contact myself or Mr Harry Van Schaik for more details about participating as an Umpire/Judge.

Note: venue/timetable and payment details will be sent to registrants for the umpire courses on receipt of their documentation.

Details and registration for competitors of the Open World Championships/World Cup will be via the web site at http://www.itfopenworlds.com/ .

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Steven Weston
7th Degree Master Instructor.
Chair of the Umpire and Tournament Committee
ITF HQ Korea
E-mail Steve@southernitf.com

Mr Harry Van Schaik
Tournament host and organizer
Member of ITF HQ Korea Umpire and Tournament Committee
E-mail vanschaikharry@gmail.com