Important dates

-July 2015                              Application Open WC The Netherlands

-September 2015                  Acceptance Council of Masters ITF HQ Korea

-September 2015                  Website on-line

-18h January 2016               Installation Open WC Ambassadors team

-1st September 2016            Invitation package Open WC 2017 on-line

-10th January 2017              Applications will be opened for on-line registration for

participation and accommodation

-1st June 2017                       Closing date for accommodation and assistance (only

paid applications will be processed!)

8th June 2017                     Deadline payment accommodations

-1st August 2017                   Early registration discount ends including umpires

-1st August 2017                   End of assistance of VISA applications

-2nd August 2017                 Additional fees apply for late entry from this date

from this date

-1st September 2017             Final closing date for entries to Open WC

-5th September 2017            Final date for any minor adjustments to entries

-6th September 2017           Closing date for all payments (after this date if

payment is not complete then participation will not be


*If payment has not been fullfilled and applications and payments have not been confirmed by the organisations there will be no enterance in the tournament. No exceptions!