Individual competitors


Official Invitation_2017 Open Taekwon-Do World Championships _The Netherlands Barneveld (click at this line)

Individual Particpants (COMPETITORS)

This international event is OPEN to ALL our brothers and sisters in the world, to compete in a friendly, safe and fair environment. We want all involved to feel as warmly welcomed guests at this Open World Championships 2017 in Barneveld the Netherlands 2017.

Due to the fact that competitors of ALL organizations, school, clubs, instructors, Masters and or Grand Masters are welcome, we also open this competition also for INDIVIDUAL PARTICIPANTS.

This means

– Competitors can register without a club, school or organization as an individual participant;

– Competitors can be coached by a coach who is not attached to a, club, school or organization;

– The coach is only allowed to coach up to 2 individual competitors and no more. If so he has 3 competitors he must register as a club, school or organization.

– Competitors who register as an individual can only enter if they can not register with their own club/master or do not have any.

– All competitors and coaches must follow the tenets of Taekwon-Do and the rules of the competition.