Please note that coaches are invited to the coach meeting held at the Veluwehal on:

Wednesday 27th of September at 17.30 – 19.30 hours (Black Belts)


Friday 29th of September at 19.30-21.00 hours (Color Belts and Special Needs)

Countries may participate in the coaches meeting with a maximum of 2 coaches (with ID).

It is the Coach’s responsibility to make sure that competitors who are not competing remain in the stands.

Competitors found in the competition area when not called in the competition categories will have their ID card withdrawn by the ITF HQ Korea Tournament and Competition Committee!

It will be returned to the Coach after payment of a fine of 35 €. No exceptions!

Coach must wear a T/polo shirt or tracksuit jacket with their country name written at the back. Sneakers, towels are mandatory but a hat or cameras are forbidden while coaching.

Coaches who have bridged the rules and been removed from their position may not participate during the remining part of the entire event. If necessary disciplinary actions will take place according to the country and Taekwon-Do competition rules by the Tournament and Umpire Committee.

1 or 2           participants             1 coach

3 up to 10     participants             2 coaches allowed

11 up to 18    participants             3 coaches allowed

19 up to 24    participants             4 coaches allowed

25 and more participants             5 coaches allowed

25 and more particpants              6 up to 8 coaches allowed paying the fee for the ID inscription