Taekwon-Do or taekwondo

Regardless how Taekwon-Do / Taekwondo / Tae Kwon Do / taekwondo / TaeKwonDo / TaeKwondo or otherwise is written and who claims anything of history, presence or future. This tournament is for ALL in our Arts, Life, Sport and showe us the skills not only of the BODY but more over of the MIND.


This Championships is OPEN to all our brothers and sisters in Taekwon-Do regardless of Taekwon-Do style, affiliation, association or any political background. Taekwon-Do is ONE and during this tournament we will share the passion we all have for the art, sport and martial art Taekwon-Do is through great courtesy for each other!

We sincerely hope that the Open World Championships will be a success for all competitors, coaches, umpires, VIPs and supporters. Looking forward to welcoming all of you in the Netherlands in September 2017!