Teams are welcome at this tournament for Black Belts. During the competition it is allowed to enter 1 competitor of a 2nd or 1st Gup/Kup minimum to fill up the team. If the team has 5 competitors with a Black Belt it is not allowed to add an extra red belt competitor. Only when the the team consists of 4 Black Belts you may add 1 red belt competitor in all the events : sparring, pattern, special technique and or powerbreaking.

Sabum Theresa Stanley – International Ambassador

Theresa Stanley International Ambassador
Theresa Stanley International Ambassador

“I am honoured to be the international ambassador for this event. I strongly believe in the friendship and cooperation and standard or excellent that the ITF HQ promotes. I met Sabum Van Schaik and the Netherlands team in 2015 and loved their spirit and fellowship. I encourage teams from around the world to join us because the event will show case high level of talent and technique as well as fairness and respect for the rules and a strong sense of sportsmanship between competitors. As International Ambassador, I would love to see the story of how you and your teams are prepping for the event. One of the most exciting things in Taekwon-do is the fellowship and community that happens when a team has a common goal. Share the excitement with me and the team here on the organizing committee via social media. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter for updates on this amazing event! Theresa Stanley @tjkicksbutt”