Tiger Festival


Official invitation founders of Tigers LSE – 8 September 2016

Richard Cassidy


Lucinda Parker



Our children are the future and Tigers from 2-6 years wold will have the opportunity to explore the world for the future. See for more information about Tigers www.tigers-lse.com and www.tigers-lse.nl

Sabum John van Dam Tigers Ambassador
Sabum John van Dam Tigers Ambassador

The Tigers festival: A complete new event on an International Taekwon-Do Championship ever, and it’s an honor to be asked for the task of Ambassador at this event. The Open World Championships, a great way to let all the people see and know what a great target group these young kids are. A group that’s not yet busy with different organizations, style and more things that take the fun out of the sport. Fun is what this Festival will be all about so that this can be an experience of a lifetime for all Tigers. Let us be honest: just being a part of the Open World Championship is a great experience at itself!

3, 2, 1… TIGERS!!!